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Clarifications for doubts that commonly arise for the users.

Please read all FAQs before reaching us.


I have registered but, I didn't get activation mail yet?

                  Please, check your spam folder for the activation link, if you didn't receive it in the inbox and click on the 'report not spam', so you get all emails to you in the inbox.

What are the payments mode available?

                  We have both online and offline payment mode, in both of the payment mode, we verify the payment and transaction, then we assign you the package. We suggest you go for offline payment for faster approval.

I have paid through credit card for Pro/Business package, but after payment successful, my account assigned to a free plan instead of a pro/business plan?

             Don't worry; it is not a bug or any technical issue, we verify the user with the transaction details we have received to confirm your package. Usually, it takes less than 24 hours if you chose stripe payment. Make sure you have given the same name in account registration, and in the payment section, it will be more comfortable for us to confirm your package. If the package didn't change within 24hrs, please contact support or write to us at,

I run a business; I need more bio links or short links. How can I get it?

               We have a custom plan for the organization; in such cases, please reach out with your requirements to; we will be happier to help you with your custom plans.

How can I get the verified badge in a premium plan?

               We analyze your account and on the insights of your bio links to verify your popularity. Once your reaches make us happy, you'll get a greetings letter from our team for the verified badge.

Facing issues in forgot password or account confirmation, how can we resolve it?

           Because of high traffic or queues in the mailing server, it might take a few minutes to get a mail. In case if you didn't get any mail as a response, please reach us through support chat or write to us to

Thank you. If you still have any doubts, write to us at

Updated on 25 December, 2021